Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inspiration Corner.......Old suitcases

Here at Vintagebubbles we love Vintage (hence the name :)) and a special friend sent me a picture of a suitcase and it got me thinking how I could use them in my product shots, as storage and using them in general.
There I went on a mission to find some inspiration and first stop is always Pinterest and oh lordy lord did I find inspiration. Of course I now want a Aqua suitcase to put all my sewing goodies in.

How about this one by Amy Powers, jammed pack of all sorts of things. Maybe I could add Jewellary making to my list of crafts so I could have an excuse to fill all those tiny jars.
Now the winner of the night goes to this blog....... Have a look and see what every girl needs and maybe the little girl in me may need one too :)
Watch this spot for more of my inspiration corner.
Love Katie xx