Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sew Seven Party

My big girl was turning seven and a few months back we were discussing what type of party she wanted as this was her first 'school friends' party. Sitting in my own studio she requested a sewing party (no I didn't suggest it to her!!). This was a party I could do and one where I could destash.
Of course off I went to get inspiration from the only place I know......Pinterest and to my surprise not many sewing parties come up................
except these two
so I took inspiration from each of these and come up with my own Vintage Sewing Party.
I love Heather Bailey fabric and I knew I had been saving some of her paper from the freshcut range (
I really wanted spool of thread invitations but tracking these down become harder than I thought it would so off to the computer to design one.
added ribbon, button and tape measure.
I then turned our dining area into a sewing studio, complete with old vintage patterns that I used for the tablecloth and for the backdrop I covered my canvas picture with the patterns also and added a paper bunting. I was really happy how easy it was to do and turned out fab!!
For more free decorating out come some of my studio items......bolts of fabric and my mannie.

I wanted to concentrate on the actual sewing so I kept the food simple with most things brought. I set up the kitchen bench with all the food so the girls could go from doing the craft to eating. I didn't want them to sit with needle and pins all afternoon...... I did make some button lollipops made out of white/chocolate melts. Raspberry lemonade was served in glass bottles with button detail and pink striped paper straws.

For the first craft, we all made a headband. All the girls chose some embellishments and I hot glued them on. On the table was a kit I made up to make adorable little felt flowers, sewing kit and stitches booklet. I wanted the girls to be able to take something home that they could continue to use.

Most girls had never sewn before so it was a great pleasure to see their finished projects.
Lastly the cake.......what was I going to do for a sewing cake???? So over to pinterest again and not much there....For her birthday we gave Abigail a 'Amercian Doll' sewing kit, so I baked a normal vanilla cake and made it look like a big pin cushion and then added the bits and pieces from the sewing kit. I used some of the paper for the bolts of fabric and covered the cake board with it also. It has to be the first cake that was eaten fully, mind you it was only a little cake.....

Some tips........there is so much online that its hard to pick out what to do! but I love pinterest and its a wealth of inspiration and I love it for parties.... this year I had the party after school and it worked out better than on a weekend as because I had planned the party, I was prepared enough to decorate and set everything up during the day, so that made the actual party so much less stressful because I wasn't running around madly at the last minute, So there you have it... one simply "sew seven" party and one very HAPPY Birthday Girl!! LOVE her to pieces!!