Friday, October 19, 2012

Latest Collection

Here are some shots from Vintagebubbles™ Spring/Summer collection.
For more information on this collection please visit our facebook page

Our beautiful images of Spring/Summer 2012-2013 were taken by Nicky Harvey

A big thankyou to my lovely models Miss A, Miss G, Miss S & Miss C also to their mums for allowing them to model for us.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Collabrate For A Cause

It is that time again........

Collabrate for a Cause is about to take over facebook. So I can hear you aksing what is it all about???
CFAC 2012 is a auction that will begin on Friday 27th July at 8pm EST and finish on Sunday 29th July at 8pm.

Jen Kennedy from Ainslee Fox(Ainslee fox page) started the Cause with the aim to promote friendship, understanding & fun throughout the facebook handmade community, while raising money for causes we are passionate about.

To contribute a item you must have a facebook page and also work on the item with someone else who also has a handmade page. Then a charity is chosen and any money raised in the austion will be donated to your chosen charity.

All you need to do is pop on over to the Collabrate 2012 Auction folder and you will find a 'HUGE' collection from the best from the facebook handmade community.( 2012 Participating Businesses)

Vintagebubbles this year was lucky enough to work with Karynne from Chook Shed Designs who makes the most amazing handmade tea sets. Make sure you pop on over and check out her page!!.
We decided to go for a more of a photo prop idea of a tea set and one of my mini hats both items can be for the young at heart or the older ones among us.

Mini Hat detail

Our Auction Photo

Our chosen charity is the Leukaemia Foundation 'Vision to Cure', 'Mission to Care' and are dedicated to the care and cure of patients and families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. This is a charity close to my heart with my brother losing his battle with the disease and something I grew up with during teens. A lot has progressed since my brothers passing and hopefully one day a cure will be found.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Once upon a time......

I was asked to make a dress and cape fitting for a Little Red Ridinghood shoot......WOW I swear the photographer read my mind as I love a fairy tale and Little Red ridinghood has to be a favorite also hence my logo :D

So off I went and dived into my Annela Hoey's fabric stash 'A walk in the forest' and my Whimsy Wonderland Collection was born.

Party Skirt in blue
Party Skirt in red/cream

I am so happy with this collection and instead of releasing it all at once I have staggered it so I could give 100% to each product and thanks to the lovely June over at
who photos were awesome!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Handmade Love Showcase.........

Big things are happening on the facebook world and when it comes to handmade.......

A group shot of the combo's together
Vintagebubbles, Cherry Blossom Kids, Madd Lola
Photography by June Warry
Jeni from Handmade Love is showing how one woman's passion can turn the facebook handmade community into a big business . Jeni has the whole package over at her website which includes a place to advertise your handmade businesses, a directory of all things handmade and a blog to read about handmade business.
        So it's really a whole lot of HANDMADE LOVE!!!!.

I found the lovely Jeni, last year she did a Sophie Moda Showcase and was overwhelmed by the coverage I recieved.
The Showcases are now bi annual and allows small businesses to wait for the fabric collection to be chosen. Its then on, to search the worldwide web for the fabric and maybe send international fabric companies into sending ALOT more parcels downunder. The showcase allows any businesses to participate as long as its handmade and showcases the fabric collection. The showcase has been divided up into girls, boys and womens albums to allow a bigger range of goodies. 

Vintagebubbles entry was designed around using 'the British are coming' perfect for the upcoming Olympics and Queens's Jubliee. The best thing about the showcase is you are able to combine a entry with other small businesses.

Vintagebubbles Romper with Joallie Petit

Vinatgebubbles with Madd Lola and Tessa Ann Design
'Twirly' Skirt

Vinatgebubbles Boy entry with Tessa Ann Design
Funky Scarf
Cherry Blossom Kids
founded by a busy Mum of three girls with a shameless passion for creating fashionable, functional and fun clothing for little ladies.
Fabrics are hand picked and designs road tested to the limits. The quality of our clothing is exceptional and made to last. At Cherry Blossom Kids we understand the need for clothing to withstand parties, mud pies and infinite washing.
Cherry Blossom Kids Dress with Madd Lola accessories

Cherry Blossom Kids with Vintagebubbles and Madd Lola

Cherry Blossom Kids

Madd Lola
one of a kind handmade accessories for one of a kind women & girls 

Joallie Petit
A company dedicated to originally designed & handcrafted accessories for children & adults. Using beautiful fabrics, buttons and ribbon.

Tessa Ann Designs
Specialize in very unique, handmade buttons. We, Steve and Tessa are a husband and wife team working out of beautiful Central Oregon. We recently welcomed our 1st baby, Annalee to our family and she is our most cutest little button!! After many years working of working for other companies and dreaming from working from home, we took the plunge last year and decided to see if we could make it work. We could have never imagined the wonderful response we received sharing our handmade buttons with the world. We are thrilled to be able to live our dream, raise our family together and work at home doing what we love! 

June Warry Photography
Each photo shoot is individually thought out, hand crafted and delivered with heart and soul. My dream is for you is to love the experience, embrace each and every image and to treasure those moments for life.

All these small businesses are on facebook and show the diversity that one collection of fabric can create. Most are created as one of a kind pieces which makes them a wanted item.

Now down to business and the showcase details..........
Fabric Theme is Michael Miller Indigo Red featuring fabric collections Weekend Clubhouse & The British are Coming.  Navy, Red and Beige are the main colours in the collections great for boys wear yet pretty enough for the princesses in our lives. 

To purchase from the showcase you need to head over to Handmade Loves Facebook page 
All entires are loaded into albums Ladies, Boys and Girls. 
Albums are open for comment from Friday 27th April 8pm AEDST 2012 until Monday 30th April 2012. Random ballots will commence at 8pm AEDST .
If interested in purchasing any of the items you are to write under the photo to express your interest. will be used to select winners of the items and will be sold at the RRP listed on the photo.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sew Seven Party

My big girl was turning seven and a few months back we were discussing what type of party she wanted as this was her first 'school friends' party. Sitting in my own studio she requested a sewing party (no I didn't suggest it to her!!). This was a party I could do and one where I could destash.
Of course off I went to get inspiration from the only place I know......Pinterest and to my surprise not many sewing parties come up................
except these two
so I took inspiration from each of these and come up with my own Vintage Sewing Party.
I love Heather Bailey fabric and I knew I had been saving some of her paper from the freshcut range (
I really wanted spool of thread invitations but tracking these down become harder than I thought it would so off to the computer to design one.
added ribbon, button and tape measure.
I then turned our dining area into a sewing studio, complete with old vintage patterns that I used for the tablecloth and for the backdrop I covered my canvas picture with the patterns also and added a paper bunting. I was really happy how easy it was to do and turned out fab!!
For more free decorating out come some of my studio items......bolts of fabric and my mannie.

I wanted to concentrate on the actual sewing so I kept the food simple with most things brought. I set up the kitchen bench with all the food so the girls could go from doing the craft to eating. I didn't want them to sit with needle and pins all afternoon...... I did make some button lollipops made out of white/chocolate melts. Raspberry lemonade was served in glass bottles with button detail and pink striped paper straws.

For the first craft, we all made a headband. All the girls chose some embellishments and I hot glued them on. On the table was a kit I made up to make adorable little felt flowers, sewing kit and stitches booklet. I wanted the girls to be able to take something home that they could continue to use.

Most girls had never sewn before so it was a great pleasure to see their finished projects.
Lastly the cake.......what was I going to do for a sewing cake???? So over to pinterest again and not much there....For her birthday we gave Abigail a 'Amercian Doll' sewing kit, so I baked a normal vanilla cake and made it look like a big pin cushion and then added the bits and pieces from the sewing kit. I used some of the paper for the bolts of fabric and covered the cake board with it also. It has to be the first cake that was eaten fully, mind you it was only a little cake.....

Some tips........there is so much online that its hard to pick out what to do! but I love pinterest and its a wealth of inspiration and I love it for parties.... this year I had the party after school and it worked out better than on a weekend as because I had planned the party, I was prepared enough to decorate and set everything up during the day, so that made the actual party so much less stressful because I wasn't running around madly at the last minute, So there you have it... one simply "sew seven" party and one very HAPPY Birthday Girl!! LOVE her to pieces!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

12 months on.......

On 7th Feb Vintagebubbles turned ONE!!!

12 mths of Vintagebubbles

Once upon a time..................................

I had a dream, a dream to create!!!! One sunny day in Feb 2011, Vintagebubbles turned from a dream into something it was always meant to be. It stemmed from a love and passion for fabric.(this girl loves FABRIC).

From my humble little studio my mission was to create handmade clothing with a classic but whimsical feel. I love the idea of a fairy tale. My logo 'Little Red' adds that touch of whimsy and woodland magic to my products, she is a big part of Vinatgebubbles becoming a boutique label. Every piece of clothing is made with attention to detail with what has now become my distintive signature button label.
All pieces are cut, created and hand finished by me to give a unique and individual item to be worn by every child near and far.

I am proud to call this little business mine and one that I hope my girls will be proud of when they are older and realise this was all for them. I am humbled to be able to do something I love from my own home.

Over the last 12 months I need to say a BIG thankyou to a special person who has been there to bounce ideas off and enjoy a coffee or two while searching the net for fabric. That is TP from without her help I wouldn't be where I am.

Also Kate from as she was the talented freelance designer who brought little red to life. If you need a logo then she is the lady to go to.

To all my family and friends who believed in what I did/do.
To my husband who has allowed me to create while he ran crazy with the girls.
To David what can I say you rock!!!! and can't wait to see what the next 12 mths bring.

I am humbled by you all and thankyou from the bottom of my heart.