Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22nd, 2011

As I sit here and look at my bowl of easter eggs, I thought I would put a new post up on this Good Friday. Mine was spent having fish and chips at the park with a great friend and finishing off with hubby's prawn stirfry yum yum.

I came across this post by Georgie Girl
and it got me thinking....................
" Sewjo a go-go" and I agree with everything Tina has written and I realised that I have I had momentarily lost my ‘sewjo’. Yes, that’s right – there is such a thing.
I chat about fabric and love buying fabric and as Tina said "for a second I felt the buzz again. ' but I open my cupboard and look at the fabric and its gone again.
I force myself to do my current orders and then don't want to look at my machine again. Total lack of motivation!!!!! So I was glad when other working mums wrote about losing their sewjo and how they got it back. How do I get it back????? atm I might sit back and enjoy my family for awhile and try and get my motivation back.

If you have lost your mo-jo or sewjo why not blog about it. :)


PinkPegasus said...

Totally with you there. My sewjo is on holdays. Mine is due to having to make 3 bridesmaids dresses by next month. Half way through and i am totally sick of this pattern. Made so many mock ups, trial runs, my dress, over it! I want to make so many things and I'm bogged down with this project in triplicate. Must sew, must sew.... I find that turning sewing into 'work' chases my motivation away. Dying to get back to 'fun' sewing. Hope your sewjo returns soon for you. And happy Easter. :) Roseanne

awesome_ames said...

Anytime something you enjoy becomes a chore, motivation drops to zero. Maybe time to 'shelve' the must-do's for a couple of days and do something fun, give yourself some creative license. Might help bring that sewjo back :)

Mrs CBK said...

Glad you got your sewjo back :P