Sunday, April 17, 2011

So it begins..........................

I have had this blog for a few years now but decided on a re-vamp and deleted all my previous posts and have started new and fresh. My networking is complete facebook (tick), twitter (tick) and blog (tick). oh and yeh my hubby came to me a few nights ago and said "You need to take down some notes on what you want your website to look like" what the??? There's only 24hrs in a day how do I fit all this networking into a working mumma's day :P as I look down at the clock and its 10.59pm. So I can hear you saying who and why...... Vintagebubbles was created out of my love of all things craft and fabric addiction that is slowly getting out of hand but looking for fabric really does put a smile on this girls dial!!!! Maybe it is driving my hubby crazy with him saying "What more fabric???" "Yep I say" (with that smile.) I blame the dollar and sticking with that!!!. I love creating OOAK items that people love to buy for their little princesses. As Vintagebubbles takes over the world little steps at a time.....NOT !!!!well maybe the school mums are getting sick of the little fashion parades at school drop offs. In our defence they get to see it first. So sit back and please enjoy reading my blog of Vintagebubbles .

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